Our Warranty


Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Drawer Boxes


We warrant our doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes against warpage, swelling, twisting, or cracking, for a period of one year.  Exposing these products to any of the following conditions, will void this warranty:

  • Storing in areas with abnormal heat, cold, dryness, humidity, salt, or direct sunlight
  • Subjecting to extreme moisture and humidity
  • Subjecting to impairment of structural strength when fitting or installing hardware
  • If products are ordered unfinished, failing to apply equal amounts of finish on all surfaces, leading to unequal absorption or release of moisture

Please note that a warp measuring 3/16″ or less is not considered a defect.  Any requested variations from our normal construction specifications is not warranted.

Additional Information


We recommend that our customers inspect all ordered products upon receipt.  All warranty claims must be inspected by a representative of Woodworkx Unlimited inc. prior to applying finishes or any corrective step.  This warranty covers replacement or repair of doors, drawer fronts, and drawers boxes in the state and condition as originally manufactured by our factory.  We will not be responsible for any delay beyond our control.  Our liability under this warranty is limited to the net invoice price of the products sold by us.  There are no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.