Our Story


After working for several years in the woodworking industry, Heriberto Monteon established Woodworkx Unlimited Inc. on 2011 at Fort Pierce, Florida.  Woodworkx was founded with two missions in mind: to help cabinet makers grow their businesses through premium and affordable products; and to offer homeowners excellent customer experiences.

With over 35 years of combined experience, we specialize in the manufacturing of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and dovetail drawer boxes.  We implement only premium domestic raw materials to manufacture our products.  Utilizing technologically advanced machinery, our personal has been trained to excel at quality control.

Our obsession to produce only premium products stems from one fundamental philosophy:  our employees understand that every product that comes out of our factory creates a means for our customers to feed their families.  Likewise, our employees understand that these same products help them feed their own families and allow us to give back to our community.


Why do we exist?


Every time I see a smile on a customer’s face, I remember what Woodworkx is all about.  Having founded this company is one of the best experiences of my life!

Heriberto Monteon

CEO, Woodworkx Unlimited Inc

At Woodworkx, we don’t simply produce wood doors.  Every product that we manufacture, creates a means to feed our families and the families of our customers.

Maricela Monteon

Office Manager, Woodworkx Unlimited Inc.